It's Leigh like "Lee"!

I believe every session is an opportunity to celebrate individuality and uniqueness. I strive to create an inclusive and welcoming space where everyone feels comfortable being themselves. My lens is dedicated to telling your story.

It all started at age 14 when I was gifted my first "real" camera. I'm sure you can guess how great I was in 8th grade. Imagine a lot of cool pictures of raindrops on leaves and edgy self-portraits with cringe text-overlays. Lucky for you, I have since stopped taking photos of deep quotes on index cards and have found my love for portrait photography!

If you are into personality types and astrology, I am an INFP, an enneagram type 9, and a Pisces. Basically, all that means is I'm creative, empathetic, and passionate about what I do! I graduated in 2020, intending to pursue a career in Interior Design, but I continue to find myself more and more in love with the experiences I find through photography!

Fun Facts:

  • I have a blind and diabetic dog named Hunter who is the light of my days!
  • I burst into song quite often whether it's a real song or one I made up.
  • My favorite movie is Howl's Moving Castle!
  • I hate cilantro (It's in my genes, okay?)

So... tell me more about YOU!